Dec 13, 2007

IE7Pro and SJ Tech Show EP1

Latest release 1.2 / October 30, 2007
OS Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows Server 2003
Windows Vista
Genre Browser extension

IE7pro is an add-on to Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 that aims to enhance the feature set provided by the browser. IE7pro enhances the tabbed browsing capabilities, adds ad blocker, mouse gestures and Greasemonkey-alike user script support. IE7pro can be used on Internet Explorer 6 as well.

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IE7pro modifies IE's default tab management features to add several options like double clicking to close the tab, undo closing tabs, enable Super Drag n Drop where dragging a link and dropping it anywhere else on the page opens it in a new tab or dragging and dropping any selected chunk of text opens the results of searching it via the default search engine. IE7pro also adds an Ad blocker that uses a blacklist of sites to block ads in web pages. It can also block ads delivered as rich media such as Flash movies. It also allows crash recovery, which lets a browsing session be restored in case the browser crashed. The contents of a tab can be saved as an image as well.

Mouse gesture support is also added by IE7pro. It ships with a set of predefined gestures which can be customized later. IE7pro adds support for Greasemonkey like user scripts, these are site-specific Javascript code that adds certain functionality to websites, or modifies the behavior of certain aspects of sites to make it compatible with the browser. It also includes a proxy switcher, and a word-wheeled in-page search bar, which overrides Internet Explorer's search bar, like the search functionality in Firefox and the InlineSearch add-in for IE. Version 0.9.18 also adds a spell checker.

IE7Pro EasyHome in Internet Explorer 7
IE7pro adds a button in the status bar which notifies the status of whether proxies are being used, and provides access to the configuration interface, and certain other functionality.[1] Since version 1.0, it also adds a feature it calls EasyHome which like Speed Dial Browsing in Opera 9 shows thumbnail renderings of 9 web sites in a grid, which can be visually identified and opened.

Market reception
The market reaction to IE7pro has been generally positive. It has been said to close the gap between IE7 and Opera 9 & Firefox.[2], with it being one of the recommended downloads in many freeware download sites. It is among the top downloaded add-ons at the official add-on site.[3]

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Sep 11, 2007

Back in June I talked a bit about how to improve Internet Explorer 7.0 with IE7Pro. If you still use Internet Explorer, IE7Pro does a great job of bridging the gap between Firefox/Opera and IE7. Features currently available with IE7Pro include: * Tabbed Browsing Management * Spell Check * Inline Search * Super Drag Drop * Crash Recovery * Proxy Switcher * Mouse Gesture * Tab History Browser * Web Accelerator * User Agent Switcher * Webpage Capturer * AD Blocker * Flash Block * Greasemonkey like User Scripts platform * User Plug-insNow CyberNet News reports that the IE7Pro team is back at it again, this time adding the ability to sync your bookmarks in their new beta version 1.1. This process does require creating an account, but once done, you will have the ability to sync your bookmarks manually. You can also update the settings to have it sync your bookmarks automatically. I definitely think synchronizing your bookmarks has become the standard with web browsers, so this is an extremely useful feature. My favorite part, though, is that you can access your bookmarks from any computer by going to My IE7Pro and logging in to your account!

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Aug 17, 2007

How to download music from A video tutorial.

How to download music from A video tutorial.

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Jul 10, 2007

myAOL Beta Launches and Flock .9 Released

1) myAOL beta launches today with three products: myAOL myPage, myAOL Mgnet, myAOL Favorites. The most interesting I believe is myAOL Mgnet which allows you to discover new content in a unique way. The myAOL myPage also brings customized start pages to the masses. It was all very easy to get started with my AOL account...

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Jul 2, 2007

Add Power to IE7 with IE7Pro

This is the way to power-up Internet Explorer, take it to the next level, and several other cliches. Seriously though, there is tons of functionality here and it's a breeze to use.

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Jun 28, 2007

Addon for IE 7 Launched - IE7 Pro

Addon IE7Pro for IE7 was launched recently. This addon ads lots of features on your IE7, making it more secure and customizable. This addon gives you loads of features to explore and make it more useful. It allows users to block ads, Drag and drop, Mouse Gestures, Alias name and much more. Let’s see these features one by one.

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Jun 26, 2007

IE7Pro: Inline Spell Checking and Statusbar Weather

IE7Pro is the single biggest browser add-on that I’ve ever seen. We’ve previously outlined some of the features that it enhances Internet Explorer 7 with, but we thought that it was time to take another look at it. Heck, in the last 5-months it has received 7 updates, and almost every update adds at least one new feature.

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Improve Internet Explorer with IE7Pro

If you are an Internet Explorer 7.0 user, you really should be using Firefox, Flock, or even Opera as your primary browser. With that said, there are several reasons people still use Internet Explorer. The most common reason is because work systems only work on Internet Explorer. Whatever the reason, if you are stuck using Internet Explorer...

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Jun 24, 2007

Internet Explorer - the new Firefox

I was searching for a plugin for IE the other day - one that could perform a recovery on IE if it crashed. Just like Firefox. And what did I find? A little treat called IE7Pro... but the thing is, it has a lot more than that!!! I was really interested by the spell checker (multilingual), ad blocker, highlight & search tool, and support

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Jun 21, 2007

IE7Pro - IE7 and IE6 Plugin (Say Goodbye to Firefox!)

This is a MUST HAVE plugin for all IE users. It blocks all unwated pop-ups, ads and much more. I uninstalled my Firefox cause I dont need it anymore. Thanks to IE7Pro, now I love my IE7!!!!

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