Sep 11, 2007

Back in June I talked a bit about how to improve Internet Explorer 7.0 with IE7Pro. If you still use Internet Explorer, IE7Pro does a great job of bridging the gap between Firefox/Opera and IE7. Features currently available with IE7Pro include: * Tabbed Browsing Management * Spell Check * Inline Search * Super Drag Drop * Crash Recovery * Proxy Switcher * Mouse Gesture * Tab History Browser * Web Accelerator * User Agent Switcher * Webpage Capturer * AD Blocker * Flash Block * Greasemonkey like User Scripts platform * User Plug-insNow CyberNet News reports that the IE7Pro team is back at it again, this time adding the ability to sync your bookmarks in their new beta version 1.1. This process does require creating an account, but once done, you will have the ability to sync your bookmarks manually. You can also update the settings to have it sync your bookmarks automatically. I definitely think synchronizing your bookmarks has become the standard with web browsers, so this is an extremely useful feature. My favorite part, though, is that you can access your bookmarks from any computer by going to My IE7Pro and logging in to your account!

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